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Revving Up The Campaign AND Austin Dates

First Of All, Sorry for not doing this more regularly.. :-(

It's quite a feat to manage it all.... Sometimes It feels like a train out of control and other times I'm so giddy with joy from a small little compliment that helps bring you out of the depths of despair. It's tough lads. It's tough.

Anyway How are ye all doing?

So news? Some of you follow me on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and that's great so any of you who don't, here's what's been happening.

I launched the record with a performance with my Austin based band at The Townsend in downtown Austin on January 17th, 2020. It was a beautiful night and venue - like a supper club and we packed the place , standing ovations n all.. I thank my band John Bush & Matt Hubbard drums and keyboards respectively who are also my Producers. On Electric Guitar was Landis Armstrong and on Bass Naj Conklin. I love these guys more and more every time we meet and play together. I then drove to New Orleans from Austin Texas with my Austin Angel Penny Jo Pullus ( TeXchromosome) We attended Folk Alliance International, a crazy few days in New Orleans. Meeting music industry heads face to face made a huge difference. Having some of those said music industry people come specifically to hear me at my showcases was instrumental in securing reviews and radio play . A lot of networking was done. We made a lot more friends and fans.

The PR Campaign is ongoing and I've gotten some great album reviews for this new record YOU CAN'T RUN OUT OF LOVE.

The Radio play is ramping up nationally also. If you live near any of these stations please feel free to ring in and ask for The King's Fool by Siobhan O'Brien :-)

WBKM Radio in Burlington Vermont told us that The King's Fool is on their Spins Chart at No. 10 this week.. Such a thrill to chart... anywhere..

I will be going back to Austin next week to perform some showcases at SXSW (South By SouthWest) I first showcased at this in 1999. So I'm looking forward to playing solo shows and some with the Band. My Austin Schedule is at the Top here. If you'd like to follow me on Instagram search for @siobhanobrienmusic and keep up with all the shenanigans..

Thank you all so much for signing up to my mailing list and wanting to be apart of my journey.

Love to all, XXXX Siobhan

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