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You Can't Run Out Of Love - Especially Now.

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all finding ways to cope with this extraordinary current way of life we must overcome and adapt to! Personally I have discovered that the most important thing for me being a recent immigrant is - FRIENDS. I am so blessed and grateful for some of the best people I have met since moving here , If I didn't have friends right now I would've had to be on the 1st plane home to Ireland. The kindness and generosity shown to me since I arrived here 3 years ago next month has really been gargantuan. From Metta Myers & Tony Cipollina who I lived with since I came, to Patty Simpson who booked all my pub gigs when I landed here to be able to make an instant living, to Rick and Terrie Landers who allow me stay at their Lake House to Sarah Price who has supported me in more ways than one. Transitioning is not easy and anything to alleviate that stress is always welcome. I don't know what you all do to keep a semblance of sanity but here's what I do, if it helps anyone.. Turn off the TV, meditate, pick one thing to do at a time, thinking of all the things you have to do and not doing them cause it is too overwhelming doesn't work, so pick one. I have daily routines I have done for the last 9 months that got me through a very stressful Kickstarter Campaign, writing recording and releasing/financing an Album as an independent Artist,

They are:

1 -Writing 10 things I am grateful for everyday. (Start with one and build it up) You will be amazed how your anxiety levels come down.

2 - Writing 10 Powerful Questions every day - (These are positively posed Questions) these can be about anything, things you want to change in your life for the better. You ask the question and leave it there on the page, Don't answer it, Don't worry about the HOW it's going to happen, Be lighthearted about it. eg: Wouldn't it be great if I could remember to be compassionate with everyone I meet?

That's on a world view, but ask questions that pertain to your happiness, to your career, whatever is bothering you... I learned these from Nova Wighman . Her book Awake And Aligned is well worth it, a book you can go back to time and time again.

3 - Yoga - most days.. it's really for stretching . :-)

4 - Meditate - I use a lot of different guided meditations, There's so much on You Tube, I am listening to Oprah & Deepak's free meditation at the moment - "Hope In Uncertain Times"

Just remember your thoughts create your reality. This I now have no doubt about.. Be careful where those thoughts are taking you. Get self- aware.. This is what has helped me, I am only offering it in case it helps anyone else.

I do believe we will come out of this stronger.

Now I am finally officially releasing my new Record "YOU CAN'T RUN OUT OF LOVE" this coming Monday April 20th ( my son's Birthday) :0) Album Artwork is by Brigitta Blair. Recorded in Austin, Texas with Producers John Bush & Matt Hubbard ( Edie Brickell & The New Bohemians)

It will be available on all music platforms. I hope to make an animated video for the title track which will be the next single ...

I will be interviewed this Friday on the national radio program Music Sin Fronteras. Host Patrick O'Heffernan will talk to me  and play my  music at 11 am PT. You can tune in online at www.blogtalkradiocom/musicsinfronterasmx. Call 917-889-3608 or email your questions tomusicfridaylive@gmail.comto be read on the air, or post a comment on the program's Facebook page or in the Twitter feed.

I also intend to do more live streams on Facebook and Instagram. I will let you know.. If you want to follow me on Instagram it's @siobhanobrienmusic, same on twitter.

Peace and Love Everyone,

#​Buíochas (gratitude in Irish)

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Siobhán you unbelievable WOMAN.

am only a new friend (and hope i can be included as sincere Friend),

but your radiant face at my gig last night was some bonus.

Lookin fwd to some quality quonnection soon.

Meanwhile I've read the whole (or nearly all) of your website here - Uplifting, inspiring & encouraging for other artists; i feel blessed to be in Community leatsa ag an am seo.

Grá mór, a dheirfiúr xXo


Malty Walsh
Malty Walsh
Apr 18, 2020

Thanks for the the balcony gig this morning. Hope you are safe and well.


Siobhán O'Brien

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