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Mother's Day In Ireland Today

Hello To All, especially Mother's today,

I know it's not till May here in the US but I can't let it go when my Mammy is in Ireland.

I wrote a song called "Mother" for my new record "You Can't Run Out Of love". I also came across a poem called "A blessing For Anyone" by Caitlin Johnstone my brother sent it to me this morning. So There's 2 videos here.. I couldn't get it together to make it all the one video.. aarrghgh!!

I love the Celtic Spiritual Wisdom Writer John O'Donoughue , I'd often just open a random page to see what I get, This time He was asked by a woman to be with her when she died! It was heart wrenching, and I got consumed with the idea that I HAD to be there when my own Mother passes. When I told her that , She gushed, "That might be the most beautiful thing I've ever heard" . And with this virus now on a rampage I can't travel back to Ireland even if she did get sick, So already I'm struggling with breaking a promise that I might not be able to keep.. A bit dramatic Yes, but a thought, She is well so I'm keeping a positive outlook..

Happy Irish Mother's Day Mom,


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