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American Songwriter Magazine Review

Hello Everybody,

Hope you're all doing well in this time of viruses and vigilance!! Pun intended. ;0)

I am so happy and pleased to share with you my biggest Album review to date . it's from Lee Zimmerman at AMERICAN SONGWRITER magazine. It's out in shops now.

Lee Zimmerman writes with great integrity and I love that he has never succumbed to jaded mediocrity.

In other news I sat in on an interview with Penny Jo Pullus (TeXchromosome) and Patricia Vonne - stunning Mexican Singer Songwriter's interview on KOOP Radio with Host Katie Vitale Pickett's show "Issues For Tissues". We were discussing "WoManifest". A Non Profit Networking Concert which will be held at One To One Bar here in Austin.

Celebrating International Women's Day and International Women's History Month. They have a stellar line up in Sonya Jevette, Psychedelic Soul Music Six String Slinger from Dallas Texas. Kay Miracle, Singer Songwriter from NY State who works with Veterans to help process PTSD through songwriting. Nagavalli - Eastern Soul Indian-American Austin based Singer Songwriter. Guilia Milanta Italian born Austin based Singer Songwriter. Patricia Vonne Mexican Singer Songwriter and myself, We've got the geography covered.. lol. I am so looking forward to this tomorrow.

AND I'm gonna be making a video for The King's Fool here in Austin. So all very exciting.

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Check all these platforms for snaps of our "WoManifest " concert tomorrow.

Thank you all for your continued support, on social media or physically at gigs.

All very much appreciated

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Siobhán O'Brien

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