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Dubbed “a voice the world should hear” by Paddy Moloney (The Chieftains), Siobhán O’Brien is writing music for the risk takers of this world. Certainly a woman who made the trek from Ireland to America, with only two suitcases in hand, to be a full-time songwriter knows a thing or two about risk.

It’s a common narrative for songwriters to chronicle their journey towards self-discovery but O’Brien does it in a manner that is so relatable, it’s as if she wrote these songs for you alone. Perhaps it’s the exquisite tension in her voice, the authenticity in her lyrics, or the magnetic presence on stage that garnered a generation of admirers ranging from Bob Dylan to Leonard Cohen but the folk-rock songwriter has only just begun to tell her story.

As a fourth generation Irish musician, music runs in O’Brien’s blood but in 2017, America called to her as the place she wanted to lay down music roots of her own. Within 5 weeks of living in the States she had secured an opening slot at the acclaimed Birchmere Music Hall (for English songwriter, Nick Lowe) and had been awarded a coveted spot in the Folk-DJ Showcase at North East Regional Folk Alliance (NERFA) by Mary Cliff ( Renowned Folk Radio DJ for 40 years). When she began searching for recording studios for her next album, there was only one city that, as a spinning vinyl stuck on repeat, kept calling to her: Austin. It was in the star city that she met her co-producers, John Bush and Matt Hubbard, drummer and keyboardist for Edie Brickell & The New Bohemians, and recorded her third album “You Can’t Run Out Of Love”.

When asked what she hopes her listeners will take away from her 3rd album “You Can’t Run Out Of Love” (out January 2020), O’Brien  says: “I hope they take away a positive vibe , I hope it's an uplifting experience"  Life is for  living. It’s in the community you build. That’s what I want  supporters of my music  to take away from this new record.”

O’Brien’s “You Can’t Run Out Of Love” is an indie alternative folk blend of Joan Baez, Brandi Carlile, and Joni Mitchell. On June 7th 2019, she reached her Kickstarter goal and has used those $$$ to fund a PR/social media and Radio Campaign to maximise  this new record's chances. The 1st Single The King's Fool is out on January 17th to coincide with the Full Band Record Release at 'The Towsend Listening Room' in Austin, Texas.


Siobhán O'Brien

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