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“You know those periods in music history when music finds itself in ‘Stasis’; Citizen of ‘The State of Monochrome Gray’? History has proven repeatedly that  it is exactly during these times that the Irish rise to the occasion, injecting the music scene with their gift, blasting the full spectrum of light directly into thheart of ‘The Music’. This IS…SIOBHAN O’BRIEN!”  - Radio Icon Zach Martin

“A wonderful new discovery for us! Siobhan O’ Brien…her songs are full of depth with emotion, & beautiful soulful lyrics…Her voice has a rich tonal qualitythat   uniquely merges Sandy Denny and Joni Mitchell…but is all her own…her approach is refreshing, her choice of melody and chord structure have complexity that separates her from a lot of todays singer songwriters…We can see her rising to the top” - The Young Brothers