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Siobhán O’Brien: Big Moves, Risks and Results - ZO Magazine

Photo Credit: Rah Foard

No matter the stage, those born with an innate gift love to be at the center of it. Growing up Siobhán O’Brien wanted nothing more than to be an acrobat in the circus, but coming from a family where music was as common as breathing she flip flopped on that dream as soon as a guitar was put in her hand.

“Once I started playing guitar there was no other way I would be anything else.”

After that she found herself inspired by great American singer-songwriters who were storytellers at their core. Moved by what she heard, she made the biggest move of her life in 2016 and headed to the US. While others would’ve been terrified to do so, especially that year, it’s worked out well and where we start this exchange.

Read the full interview here.

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Siobhán O'Brien

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