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REVIEW: Siobhán O’Brien’s “You Can’t Run Out Of Love” Is Melody And Lyrical Magic - Americana Highwa

Written January 17, 2020

By John Apice

Recorded in Austin, TX this is the 3rd solo LP for the 4th generation, Irish musician Siobhán O’Brien You Can’t Run Out of Love, (Independent – drops Jan. 17th). It features 10 tracks – 42-minutes of pivotal moments since she left her Irish homeland in 2016.

While inspired by artists such as Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, & the late Leonard Cohen, Ms. O’Brien composes personal, heartfelt songs, fused with vulnerability & poignancy. “Love Is the Holy Grail,” possesses an atmosphere of melody & lyrical magic with Siobhan’s vocals warm, sincere & arresting throughout. Maintained as well, in her more ballad inspired tunes.

Siobhán plays acoustic guitar, Landis Armstrong (acoustic guitar, 12-string guitar, classical guitar) & Wayne Sutton (electric guitar). Naj Conklin thumps bass as John Bush adds drums, percussion & some keyboards. Matt Hubbard (Rhodes, synth, vibraphone, piano, melodica, trombone, harmonica, bells & backing vocals). None of the instrumentation is hokey, clichéd or cheesy.

Read full review here.

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