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REVIEW: Siobhán O’Brien’s “You Can’t Run Out Of Love” Is Melody And Lyrical Magic - Americana Highwa

Recorded in Austin, TX this is the 3rd solo LP for the 4th generation, Irish musician Siobhán O’Brien You Can’t Run Out of Love, (Independent – drops Jan. 17th). It features 10 tracks – 42-minutes of pivotal moments since she left her Irish homeland in 2016.

While inspired by artists such as Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, & the late Leonard Cohen, Ms. O’Brien composes personal, heartfelt songs, fused with vulnerability & poignancy. “Love Is the Holy Grail,” possesses an atmosphere of melody & lyrical magic with Siobhan’s vocals warm, sincere & arresting throughout. Maintained as well, in her more ballad inspired tunes.

Siobhán plays acoustic guitar, Landis Armstrong (acoustic guitar, 12-string guitar, classical guitar) & Wayne Sutton (electric guitar). Naj Conklin thumps bass as John Bush adds drums, percussion & some keyboards. Matt Hubbard (Rhodes, synth, vibraphone, piano, melodica, trombone, harmonica, bells & backing vocals). None of the instrumentation is hokey, clichéd or cheesy.

Read full review here.

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