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I'd like to introduce you to TEAM Siobhán:

December Greetings,

Just a short little note;

Hope you all are NOT stressed getting ready for the holiday season.

As you know I did a Kickstarter Campaign to fund a PR Campaign. Well It's happening! I am happy to tell you this is now under way. EMPKT have sent out the press release to all the relevant Music mags and papers etc. The Radio Promotion will start in January.

I'd like to introduce you to TEAM Siobhán

My PR Company , (EMPKT) Radio Promoter (JEFF COOK) and Manager (STEVE GARVAN) have all been wonderful in helping me to navigate all this and enter the next stage in my career.

So a perfect start to the New Year with

ALBUM LAUNCH: JAN 17th, 2020.

The Townsend Listening room (Austin Texas) with full band , My Producers John Bush (Drums/percussion) & Matt Hubbard (Keyboards & All things sonic?? ;-)), Guitar = Landis Armstrong Bass = Naj Conklin.

This is just to make you laugh. (Hopefully)... I always carry a red nose. It's important in times of stress..LOL!

Photo by Limerick native Patrick Harnett.

And a reminder - We are coming to the end of a decade so don't be afraid to throw out all that doesn't serve you going forward. BIN IT PEOPLE.. Sorry TRASH IT PEOPLE..

Hope you have a peachful .. oh sorry a peaceful and Joyous Christmas and here's to 2020. :-) XXX

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Siobhán O'Brien

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